EBS / Part IX


My name is A Wei

I’m from Taiwan

My family is in New Taipei city

My brother is a student

His name is Carlos.


My name is Chieh-Wei Chen

I’m 35 years old

My sister is a student here, too

My parents are in Taiwan right now


I’m Chieh-Wei Chen, but everyone calls me A Wei

My last name is Chen

I’m a student at City New Taipei

My parents are on vacation this week


Do you like rap?

Yes, I do .I like it a lot.

No, I don’t like it very much.

Does he play the piano?

Yes, he does.

No,he doesn’t.

Do they like the Beatles?

Yes, they do.They love them.

No,they don’t like them very much.

What kind of music do you like?

I like rock a lot.

What does he play?

He plays the guitar.

Who do they like?

They like U2.


B:No, I  don’t  .I don’t like  is  very much.

  • A:  Do they     Jack and Lisa like soap operas?

B: I think Jake   like    , but I don’t know about Lisa.

Why don’t you ask    Lisa    ?

  • A:                                   he play?

B:The cello .I have his new CD.Let’s listen to                 .


Steve:Oh, look at earrings, Maria They’re perfect for you.

Maria:There red ones?I’m not sure.

Steve:No, the yellow ones.

Maria:Oh, there? Hmm. Yellow isn’t a good color fo me.

Steve:Well, that necklace isn’t bad.

Maria:Which one?

Steve:That blue one right there.

How much is it?

Maria:It’s $42! That’s expensive!

Steve:Hey, let me get it for you.

It’s your birthday present


  1. pants / 褲子
  2. earrings / 耳環
  3. perfect for you / 您的最佳選擇
  4. ring / 戒指
  5. jeans / 年仔褲
  6. look for / 尋找
  7. I am not sure / 我不知道
  8. shirt / 衣服
  9. How much is it? / 多少錢?
  10. these / 這些
  11. those / 那些
  12. ear耳朵
  13. Family / 家人















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